The Sangha

A community space for guidance & support in the Kundalini Awakening process, hosted by AdvaitAshram


“Sangha” has been described through the ages as one significant pillar of successful spiritual unfolding. Through a community, Sangha, of like-minded, heart-opened and understanding individuals we can find solace and be nurtured simply by not being alone on a sometimes challenging route through life that the spiritual path often is. 

Likewise, the deepening of dissolution and maturation of energetic unfolding, which can cause perception shifts difficult to comprehend and discuss with just anyone, and thus being met with validation and understanding can be absolutely crucial for one to blossom and thrive when integrating heightened states and insights.

We also thrive through the exchange of ideas and reflections and have those who have gathered experience to light the way for others. In our Sangha, experienced long-time members share their wisdom with loving compassion as they help answer your questions. 

With this said, you may join as a silent observer, read articles and previous replies, or participate in conversation and actively ask questions.

In our Sangha, we are also blessed by the presence of our founder Rohanji and a gurumandala of Shaktipat Acharyas and Kundalini Initiators who together sustain an energetic field of graceful presence that spread throughout this digital platform as well as in weekly gatherings on Zoom where you can receive Shaktipat deeksha. Energetic presence of realized divine insight positively influence those who come into contact, and is the core wordless teaching of the Sangha of AdvaitAshram, where many have benefited throughout the years.

May the light of the divine illuminate your path, revealing your own innate divinity and true nature, as non-dual awareness, wisdom and love.

A sacred space

We created and maintain this online platform as a held sacred space where seekers of higher consciousness and divine truth come together in a judgement-free environment to explore the profound world of Kundalini awakening, meditation, and holistic spirituality.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of AdvaitAshram Sangha:

  • Connect with fellow members who share your passion for Kundalini awakening and spiritual exploration. Our members-only forums provide a supportive space for sharing experiences, insights, and fostering meaningful connections.
  • Receive the sacred experience of Shaktipat transmission. Our membership opens the door to this profound initiation process, guided by our Shaktipat transmission masters.
  • Get priority registration for our exclusive workshops and webinars. Led by our experienced teachers and Shaktipat Acharyas, these live events cover advanced Kundalini practices, Yoga and somatic movement, meditation insights, and discussion on how to integrate spirituality into daily life and how sexuality can transform with Kundalini, and more.
  • Benefit from 1:1 consultations with our teachers and mentors. Receive personalized guidance tailored to your unique spiritual journey, helping you overcome challenges and accelerate your growth.

Is this for You?

Whether you are just starting out and wish to activate Kundalini safely, or have an awaken Kundalini and need to ground and stabilize, or seek to integrate and balance an already awake and mature Kundalini and gain deeper wisdom, we welcome you. 

This is for you if any of the below feels true for you:

  • You want to safely awaken Kundalini, and feel the calling to deepen your spirituality and quality of life.

  • You want efficient clearing, transformation and knowledge to orient the mind and develop the body for spiritual attainment.

  • You wish to support your Kundalini awakening for improved health, being more yourself, enhanced creativity, less programmed by karmic limitations and fully embody your divine potential.

  • You have been to a retreat or immersion and want to stay connected.
  • You seek to know divine truth, enlightenment and Self-realization.

  • You have experienced some mystical phenomenon and seek explanation and validation of your experiences and unfolding Sahaja (spontaneous/natural) Sadhana.

  • You wish to nurture integration and embodiment of divine insight.

  • You are meant to teach and share with others, and are looking for proper philosophical foundations to teach meditation or activate others in a safe and clear way.

Explore our different plans below and know that you can change your chosen plan later at any time, when you know more what you want access to. For any technical issues with the subscription payment or difficulty in accessing the space please contact us at: [email protected]

Earth, atmosphere, heavens. We meditate on the sacred light of the effulgent source. Let that radiant splendor inspire our thoughts.

- Vyaas Houston’s translation of the Gayatri Mantra